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Advisory Board - 

IPA Magazine is a 31 year old company who is affiliated with over 354 radio stations (one of our stations was rated #1 by the Los Angeles Times) and 259 publications.

IPA Magazine is a Global Communications Network providing a database of news, information, features, finance, travel, health and beauty, entertainment, relationships, and fine dining. IPA Magazine is a one stop web site.

Our Advisory Board is made up of many professionals in the many facets of all subjects covered.

David Webster - Senior Editor - Film Finance, Media, Journalism, Television, Author, Business Owner and Lecturer.   White Owl Films

Paul Oebel - Senior Editor / Media Consultant / Journalist - Website Design, Artist/Designer, Creative Director for White Owl Films, Journalist and Business Owner - Faith Unveiled TV Network / ON Entertainment. Creative Director, White Owl Films

Layne Bogdanov~Journalist - Photographer, Writer, Conference Speaker and Organizer, Travel Writer Specializing in Luxury Hotels, Spas and Restaurants  http://www.ipamag.com/

Peter Bogdanov~Journalist - Journalist, Published Author, Conference Speaker,Travel Writer Specializing in Luxury Hotels, Spas and Restaurants  http://www.ipamag.com/

Cary Hardwick –Radio Talk Show Host for 94.7 The Wave, Lecturer on Finance and Business, restaurant owner  http://www.spaghettini.com/

Louisa Maccan-Graves – Consultant - Hosts her show “Hollywood Beauty Secrets”, Body Double to the stars, Actress, Radio Talk Show Host   http://www.hollywoodbeautysecrets.com

Mike Neal - Photographer - Travel, Entertainment, Hotels, Outdoor Specialty Photographer  http://www.nealstudios.net/

Toby Neal, LCSW - Journalist - Published Author, Therapist, Relationship Specialist, Marriage Counselor  http://tobyneal.net/

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