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National Religious Broadcaster's Conference, Nashville, TN
Paul Oebel

The National Religious Broadcasters Organization.  Not only do they offer a great networking platform for all religious media groups, but they are very active in pursuing religious rights and upholding the first amendment – freedom of religion.

When at their annual conference, the attention is given to networking with everyone that is involved with Christian/Religion Media.  Whether it be television, online networks, magazines, equipment, you’ll find it all at these well attended conferences.  This is the Faith Unveiled Network's second year of being involved.  The FUN network had the pleasure of attending the NRB in Nashville, Tennessee in February of this year, 2020. As owner of the Faith Unveiled Network and TV media, I was able to look at it with a whole different view. I first had attended the NRB in Anaheim, California in 2019 and was even equally and pleasantly surprised arriving at the NRB in Nashville.

Arriving at the conference at the magnificent Nashville Opry Gaylord Hotel, I immediately recognized broadcasters who are currently on the Faith Unveiled TV Network. It was so exciting to finally meet some of them face to face for the first time. One of the many purposes for the conferences is to network, looking for growth and the increasing of knowledge from industry experts.   Immediately, I was introduced to TV Broadcasters, equipment experts and informative peers of the industry, whom I had never met. In doing so, I was able to connect with broadcasters from all over the USA and even outside of the country, signing a number of them onto the Faith Unveiled Network.  It was a great networking experience that is second to none.

I was impressed with the organization of the event. I found myself wanting to be in all places at once, however I was able to prioritize to get the optimum value of my few days at the event. I met a tremendous amount of wonderful people who welcomed me like family. I truly love that about the South. Since attending the NRB, I have continued to be contacted by some members with interest in being on my network. I’m happy to say I feel I have met a whole new world of wonderful people and I can’t wait until it’s time for the NRB in 2021. 

From industry professionals to celebrities, the attendance of businesses, networks and more kept you moving the entire day, anticipating the next day. The closing evening offered a Gala that was second to none, with world renown speakers such as the US Attorney General Barr, to Annne Graham Lotz. The speakers alone during the event, and at the Gala was well valued and worth the trip.

My accommodations at the Gaylord Hotel were magnificent and very convenient to the Convention Center. I was happy that transportation was available to take me to and from the Convention Center. Overall it was a very nice experience and the NRB Conference is a must if you’re in the Religious Media Industry.  I am certainly one that will look forward to rebooking for the next NRB event in 2021.

To contact the NRB for the 2021 event, visit their website located at: http://nrb.org/, and tell them that the Faith Unveiled Network sent you. But of course, our name will NOT get you a discount. Look me up when you attend in 2021 - the event will be held in Grapevine, TX, Gaylord Hotel.

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