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In our Health & Beauty section, we are giving you 2 different sources of beauty tips.  Louisa Maccan-Graves will be giving you beauty secrets that the Hollywood movies stars use to look their best cosmetically.  But more importantly, we will give you a chance to read about making life changes internally that will keep you looking youthful and beautiful.  We have asked Carmen Diana Cisneros to share her personal experiences with reversing many health issues that plagued her through out her life.

Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Louisa Maccan-Graves is best known as a commercial model for over 20 years in Hollywood.  You may not know her name, but have most likely seen her face, hands, lips, teeth, stomach, back, legs, ears or bellybutton in catalogs, movies, brochures, magazines, infomercials, hundreds of  print ads, billboards, movie posters, TV shows and in more than 700 television commercials.

Louisa just released a self-help book called “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue,” which reveals affordable, effective products and rejuvenating therapies that can help slow down or even reverse aging.

We wanted to give you a sample of Louisa’s Anti-Aging Recipes & Remedies taken from her book to help you get started with your new change over.  Here are 8 helpful suggestions:

Sun Damage -
Did you know that skin damage can start within 60 seconds of exposure to the sun?  Damaging UV rays of the sun are responsible for pigmentation spots.  75% of wrinkles and skin cancer.  Protect your skin by avoiding direct sun exposure and wear effective sunscreen daily – rain or shine.

Effective Sunscreen – Sunscreen creates a barrier that causes sunlight to reflect off skin, preventing damaging UV rays from penetrating the skin.  For full protection, effective sunscreen must be between SPF 15 and 30 and contain ONE of the following effective ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzene or Parsol.

Hollywood Beauty Secrets - continued

Enzyme Peels – Many celebrities spend $65 to $85 for an enzyme peel.  Enzyme peels exfoliate (slough off) dead surface skin.  Exfoliating smoothes as well as rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen production.  You can create your own enzyme peel for just $2.  Simply mash one half papaya and apply to face, neck and under eyes.  Wait 15 minutes until dry.  Then rinse.  Papaya is a natural alternative to costly Retin-A.  Prepared papaya enzyme peels are available in your local health food store, drug or beauty supply stores.

Microdermabrasion Alternative – Many actresses spend hundreds of dollars on costly Microdermabrasion (mechanical exfoliation) to diminish pigmentation spots, smooth skin and stimulate collagen production.  The version of Microdermabrasion in my book costs just pennies.  After washing your face, rub a handful of baking soda on wet skin in a gentle, circular motion.  Then rinse.

Anti-Aging Flaxseed – Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil are key to youthful skin and a healthy body.  Flax ignites fat burning, slows down aging, keeps the system regular, moisturizes skin and helps balance hormones.  Ground flaxseeds can be sprinkled onto cereal, yogurt or in soups.  Flaxseed oil comes in bottles or easy to swallow gelatin capsules.

Even & Brighten Skin Tone – Soy yogurt can help fade pigmentation spots and brighten skin.  Apply one tbsp. to clean face.  Wait 15 minutes.  The rinse.  Apply soy-rich moisturizer daily and top with effective sunscreen.

Shine & Volumize Hair – Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  For final rinse use cool water.  When blow drying hair, hang head upside down.  When finished, use a blast of cold air to seal follicles.  This adds shine.

Rejuvenate Hands – Wear cotton gloves to protect hands when driving as UV rays can penetrate through your windshield.  Rub baking soda on wet hands in a circular motion to relieve dryness.  To diminish wrinkled knuckles, buff them lightly using the finest side of a four-way buffing block.  Apply antioxidant-rich lotion regularly.

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